Welcome to the official Website of Jade Hotel & Restaurant Welcome to the Official Website of Jade Hotel & Restaurant! Perfect for celebrating special occasions such as: monthsary, birthdays, graduation celebration and even anniversary, Jade Hotel boasts of a restaurant serving sumptuous international cuisine lunch and dinner buffet at a price you can never expect for it is affordable for all the guests who want to grab a taste. When looking for a place to stay where you can relax and at the same time near places to have fun, Jade Hotel & Restaurant is pleased to serve you. Located at the heart of Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo City, Jade Hotel is surrounded by live acoustic and classy bars. In Jade Hotel, feel at home with its interior design making you feel you are in a condominium style to soothe and relax you. Book now and save with us. For Hotel Inquiries & Reservations:2233588,09488458104,09332447934 Email Add: jadehotel.resto@yahoo.com,manager.jadehotelandresto@yahoo.com For Party, Event & Other Occasions: 09086923412,09335901619. Look for Miss Elvie Mose- Restaurant Manager Email Add: jadehotel.resto@yahoo.com,manager.jadehotelandresto@yahoo.com
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